Mission Statement

to help women with a history of substance abuse or addiction become clean, sober, and self-sufficient.

Why a Pink Dove

Our logo is a Dove with the olive branch. We chose this logo because it symbolizes so much. The Dove is symbolic of the Spirit of life and faith. We have made our Dove pink to represent the women in recovery and we use a Dove in flight to show the freedom that one can obtain when they overcome a chemical addiction. So when you see Doves remember and pray for the women in recovery at Dove House and all over the world.

Requirements for admission:

  • Female
  • Ages 18 and over
  • Have a personal history of alcohol and / or drug abuse or addiction
  • Be committed to recovery
  • Agree to stay at Dove House for a minimum of 90 days

Program Goals

  • To help residents appropriately manage their addictions.
  • To help residents develop the means to support and care for themselves.
  • To teach residents how to interact responsibly with their families and society.


Community Need

Founded in 2000, Dove Recovery House for Women is the largest of only four half-way houses in Marion County that provide supportive transitional housing for women recovering from substance abuse. In fact, Dove house has 44% of the 57 beds designated for this purpose in Marion County. Simply put, there are very few places in Indianapolis for a woman to make her journey of recovery solely in the company of other women. When she does make that journey, she is likely to do so at the Dove Recovery House for Women.

Dove Recovery House

14 N. Highland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202